Data Types

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(none) - big (DCBA)

i - "inverse" (little) (ABCD)

m - "middle" (CDAB) - not an authentic name, no clue on original

im - "inverse-middle" (reverse) (BADC) - not an authentic name, jagex may call this "_alt3"


g - get

p - put


number of bytes - fixed size

smart - 0 to 32768 (unsigned), -16384 to +16383 (signed)

float - standard 32-bit floating point number

jstr - NUL-terminated / Newline-terminated (depending on revision) string

jstr2 - version-prefixed jstr (unused)

data - raw data (size known ahead of time/elsewhere)

VarSmart - variable-length smart

VarInt - variable-length int

VarLong - variable-length long


(none) - unsigned, depending on exact circumstances with Java's int/long implementation

signed - explicitly signed, allowed to overflow


(none) - no change

add - add 128 to the lowest byte

sub - subtract lowest byte from 128

neg - negate, only used on byte types

Operation Table

Operation Description
p1 Writes a single byte (8-bits).
p2 Writes a short (2 bytes / 16-bits).
p3 Writes a medium (3 bytes / 24-bits).
p4 Writes an int (4 bytes / 32-bits).
p8 Writes a long (8 bytes / 64-bits).
pjstr Writes a string.
ip2 Writes a little-endian short.
ip4 Writes a little-endian int.
g2s Reads a signed short.
g2sadd Reads a signed short, and applies the "add" transformation.